Academic Information  教務情報

Administrative Procedures related to Academic Affairs

Updated April 2, 2024

Documents to be Submitted

Follow the instructions below and submit the required documents.

[For Documents No.1, 3 and 4]
  • 1. Download and complete the form.
  • 2. Ask your academic supervisor via email for approval.
  • 3. Forward the approval message with the form to the Academic Affairs Section.

  • - The seal of the academic supervisor will be added by the Academic Affairs Section based on the email approval by him/her.
  • - If students get the approval from your academic supervisor with his/her seal marked on the form, bring the form to the office in person.
  • - Students do not need to seal or sign the form as long as they submit it by email.
[For Document No.2]
  • 1. Download the form and complete the sections students are asked to fill in.
  • 2. Submit the form to your academic supervisor by due date and ask him/her to complete the form.
Document Target Submission Due/To
1. Notification of Lecture Courses

[Word] [PDF]
All Due: 5 pm on Apr 19 (Apr 1-)
To: Academic Affairs Section

Note: Students must also complete the course registration via Uribo-Net between the same period of time.
2. Research Supervision Plan/Report

[Word] [PDF with sample]
Current students Due: 5 pm on Apr 19
To: Academic supervisor
3. Thesis/Research Paper Title Notification

[Word] [PDF]
Students planning to
graduate in Sep 2024
Due: 5 pm on Apr 30
To: Academic Affairs Section
4. Notification of change in title of thesis/research paper

[Word] [PDF]
Students planning to
graduate in Sep 2024
Due: N/A
To: Academic Affairs Section

Guide on Submission of Master's Thesis/Research Paper


Course Registration

The registration period is between April 1 and 5 pm on April 19. Online registration via Uribo-Net is also required. After completion of the online registratioon, students can find detailed information about the course, including materials, from the following day on BEEF+ and receive relevant information via e-mail. Register the courses at least one day before the first class of the course.

If students would like to cancel the course(s) after the registration period is over, cancel by yourself via Uribo-Net between April 22 and 28. No written form is required.

Changing the Default PWs for Log-in ID and Network ID

Setting up Sub-email Address to Forward Emails

Important messages from University would be sent to your default e-mail address,
"****". If you want to read and respond to such messages from another email account, you can do this by setting up a sub-email address.

VPN Connection

To connect your device to the university network from outside the campus, you need to connect the internet via VPN service with Network ID and Network password. Two-factor authentication has been introduced since March 28, 2024.

Learning Management System Basic Environment for Educational Frontier Plus

You can obtain lecture information through LMS BEEF+ with Login ID and Login password.