Spring 2021 2021年度前期

Course Schedule for Spring 2021 [PDF] (updated April 19)

Important Notices on Measures against COVID-19

(Updated April 22)

COCOA and Health Check Sheet

- COCOA (COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application)
Install and use the COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA) to protect yourself and other people around you.

- Health Check Sheet [PDF]
Check your health condition at least once a day in the morning, twice a day or more in the morning and evening when you are unwell. Follow the health check sheet and if you become unwell do not come to the classroom but immediately inform the Academic Affairs Section of Graduate School of Law.


Conditions while inside classroom and building (Japanese/English) [PDF]

Access Point

Conditions for using a classroom as access point [PDF]

Research Rooms

Guidelines for the use of Room 201, Building V or Room 302, Building IV under the circumstances of the spread of the coronavirus (Japanese/English) [PDF]

Regular Courses

(Updated March 16)

    April 12-
    2nd period/Mon
    Readings in Scholarly Literature (Legal Studies)
    Prof. Mari TAKEUCHI
    April 12-
    5th period/Mon
    Introduction to Legal English 1
    Prof. Keith CARPENTER
    April 14-
    3rd period/Wed
    Introduction to Common Law I
    Prof. Keith CARPENTER
    April 15-
    2nd period/Thu
    Advanced Legal English 1
    Prof. Keith CARPENTER
    April 15-
    5th period/Thu
    Japanese Legal System II
    organized by Prof. Narufumi KADOMATSU
    June 14-
    1st period/Mon
    1st period/Thu
    Special Lectures on International Law III
    Prof. Dai TAMADA

Intensive Courses

(Updated March 29)

April 13-June 8 Law and Finance (B)
Mr. Yoshiki UCHIDA
(MDP Business Advisory Co., Ltd.)
May 11-June 29 International Investment Law 1
Dr. Nicos LAVRANOS (NL-Investmentconsulting)
May 12-June 30 International Business Litigation (A)
Ms. Aude FIORINI (University of Dundee)
July 1-29 International Business Transactions (B)
Mr. Shohei TEZUKA / Mr. Peter CASSIDY
(Higashimachi LPC)
July 10-August 7 International Business Transactions (A)
Mr. Tetsuro KURITA and Others
(One Asia Lawyers)


  Internship [syllabus]
  Short Term Internship [syllabus]