Kobe SALAD Online 2021 Summer Kobe SALAD Online 2021 Summer

Kobe University Seminars on Asian Law and Dispute Management Online 2021 Summer


Program with Introduction [PDF] (Updated on July 19)

SESSION 1: Many Futures of Dispute Management
Seminar 1
Aug 14, Sat
Future of Contract Law
Dr. Zoé Jacquemin
(Maître de Conférence, Université Sorbonne Paris Nord)
Seminar 2
Aug 14, Sat
Development of Multi-Party Arbitration
Dr. Mikihito Ochi
(Lecturer, Osaka University of Economics)
Seminar 3
Aug 15, Sun
Future of International Commercial Mediation
Ms. Hikari Saito
(Ph.D. Candidate, University of Aberdeen)
Seminar 4
Aug 15, Sun
London as the Hub of International Business Dispute Management
Dr. Neil Dowers
(Barrister at 4 Pump Court, London)

SESSION 2: Managing Disputes for Globalized Market Societies (TBA)
- Aug 21 and 22

SESSION 3: Law and Economy of the Post-Pandemic World
Seminar 1
Aug 28, Sat
Toward the Commercial Use of Outer Space
Prof. Yun Zhao
(Professor, University of Hong Kong)
Seminar 2
Aug 28, Sat
Future of Energy Law
Prof. Roy Partain
(Professor, University of Aberdeen)
Seminar 3
Aug 29, Sun
Do the responses to COVID-19 show the limits of the effectiveness of soft law?
Prof. Narufumi Kadomatsu
(Professor, Kobe University)
Seminar 4
Aug 29, Sun
WTO Dispute Resolution System in Crisis
Prof. Fujio Kawashima
(Professor, Kobe University)

SESSION 4: Connecting within and beyond Asia (TBA)
- Sep 4 and 5


This program started in 2013 in Seoul in cooperation with Hanyang University. Since then, SALAD (School of Asian Law and Dispute Management) was held every summer in Kobe accepting students from various jurisdictions all over Asia, in the spirit of promoting mutual trust based on the understanding and appreciation of various values deriving from the sustainable diversity of social cultures in Asia.

In 2020, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Kobe SALAD was not able to be held on the campus of Kobe Univeristy. This is the second virtual Kobe SALAD following the online session, Kobe SALAD Online Spring, held in February and March 2021.


2021 August 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29, September 4 and 5


Online (Zoom)


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