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As expert knowledge and strong command of the English language are all essential to succeed in the world of international business, students will require both expert knowledge and the ability to conduct their business entirely in English. With this in mind, the objectives of the program will be to assist students in acquiring expert knowledge as well as achieving a high level of English competence, thus equipping students with the skills necessary to play an active role in the arena of international business and law.

Who may be interested

Kobe LL.M. (GMAP in Law) is suited for students who seek a career in the arena of international business, particularly those who wish to acquire not only highly specialized expertise in their field but also English proficiency as well as gaining experience in overseas practices.

Applicant's Guide & Documents for Application

Enrollment for the academic year beginning in October, 2019

                       Updated February 19, 2019
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※For those seeking to apply on the basis of (8), (9), or (10) of Admission Requirements, please refer to the following guideline for more details (the files are to be available soon).

     ◆Guidelines of Application Eligibility Evaluation
     ◆Request for Prior Evaluation of Eligibility for Application