Kobe SALAD 2016 Kobe SALAD 2016

Kobe University Summer School of Asian Law and Dispute Management


The annual Summer School of Asian Law and Dispute Management (“SALAD”) will be held at Kobe University in August.
Kobe SALAD is dedicated to the younger generation in Asia who will promote the rule of law and develop mutually-beneficial business relationships for a peaceful and prosperous Asia. It encourages mutual trust by promoting a greater understanding and appreciation of the diverse cultures and values in Asia.
To this end, all the lecturers are carefully selected among top academics and practitioners in law and business from various Asian jurisdictions.
Kobe SALAD is open to all students, no matter their academic focus, who are interested in the sound development of cross-border business networks in Asia and the rest of the world. Students from Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam and Malaysia have already enrolled.


In August 2016, from Monday 22nd to Friday 26th


Graduate School of Law, Kobe University (Rokkodai Campus)
2‐1 Rokkodai‐Cho, Nada-Ku, Kobe 657-8501 Japan


For participation, registration is needed.

Deadline: 18 August 2016


TEL: 078-803-7234
FAX: 078-803-7292
Mail: law-gmap-admin@edu.kobe-u.ac.jp