Spring 2020 2020年度前期

Academic Calender for Spring 2020 [PDF] (updated May 7)
Syllabi will be released as in due course.

Important Announcement

Closure of Campus

[Updated on 9th April]
The campus is closed from 5:00 pm on April 9 until further notice.
"Campus Closure from April 9 (Thu) 5:00 pm" [PDF]

Start Date and Time Table for Spring 2020 semester

[Updated on 9th April]
All courses for Spring 2020 would be started from Thursday, 7th May.

Spring 2020 semester would be started from Monday, 20th April.
The lecture period would be 105 minutes each.

  • - 1st period: 8:50-10:35
  • - 2nd period:10:55-12:40
  • - 3rd period:13:40-15:25
  • - 4th period:15:45-17:30
  • - 5th period:17:50-19:35
  • - 6th period:19:55-21:40

Preparation for Future Online Lecture

Faculty of Law/Graduate School of Law, Kobe University are now examining to hold some courses using LMS BEEF (Learing Management System Basic Environment for Educational Frontier 2020) and remote conferencing services such as Zoom.

[Updated on 1st April]
All courses for Spring semester 2020 would be delivered via internet.

The Login ID and Login Password are required to use LMS BEEF.

-Use's Manual for BEEF

2. Devices and peripheral equipment for using Zoom
Devices; PC (recomended), tablet or smartphone
Peripherals; Web camera, microphone, speaker and headset (if necessary, for video viewing and intercommunication).

3. Network Environment
It is expected that a lecture unit (105 minutes) will require 500MB to 1GB.
We strongly recommend you set up an internet connection at home with no limitation to data in order to avoid hefty charge or limit to access.

4. Research Rooms
[Updated on 8th April]
All research rooms will be shut down from 5:00 pm on 9th April.
Please refer to the notice below for your further information.

Closure of Research Room

In light of declaration of state of emergency issued by Prime Minister yesterday, we have to make a decision to close research rooms and to prohibit the entry from 5:00 pm on April 9 until further announcement.

Please take home your personal belongings including important books and reference materials that are essential for research immediately, as well as leftovers that might go bad.

If you need to enter a research room, you are asked to consult with the office at law-kyomu-kenkyuka[at]office.kobe-u.ac.jp in advance. Please note that we might need to shut down the research rooms earlier than planned depending on the instructions by Kobe University and Hyogo prefecture.

[Updated on 3rd April]
There is a possibility at some point in the future that all university facilities including research rooms will be shut down. We would like to ask you to bring back the important documents including books and materials for research to home to prepare for that situation.

Message from Dean

To graduate students,

As has been notified below on April 1, due to spread of COVID-19, we are facing with the even higher possibility that declaration of a state of emergency will be issued. When ‘state of emergency’ is declared, our university will be probably shut down and thus students are not able to go into any of school buildings.

In preparation for the shutdown of ‘kenkyu shitsu,’ we ask you again to take home your important books and reference material that are essential for research at your earliest convenience.

Your cooperation with people around you is highly appreciated. We sincerely wish your health.

Dean, Graduate School of Law, Kobe University
   Narufumi KADOMATSU

Regular Courses

(Updated 9 April)

    May 11-
    2nd period/Mon
    Readings in Scholarly Literature (Legal Studies)
    Prof. Mari TAKEUCHI
    May 11-
    5th period/Mon
    Introduction to Legal English 1
    Prof. Keith CARPENTER
    May 12-
    5th period/Tue
    Law and Finance (A)
    Prof. Keith CARPENTER
    May 13-
    3rd period/Wed
    Introduction to Common Law I
    Prof. Keith CARPENTER
    May 7-
    2nd period/Thu
    Advanced Legal English 1
    Prof. Keith CARPENTER
    May 7-
    5th period/Thu
    Japanese Legal System II
    organized by Prof. Narufumi KADOMATSU

Intensive Courses

*Schedules are subject to change due to COVID-19 outbreak.

May 26, June 2,
9 and 16
International Business Transactions (B)
Mr. Shohei TEZUKA / Mr. Peter CASSIDY
(Higashimachi LPC)
June 17, 19, 24, 26, 30, July 1,3 International Business Litigation (B)
Ms. Aude FIORINI (University of Dundee)
TBA Global Arbitration Practice (A)
Mr. Daniel ALLEN / Prof. SAITO
(Mori Hamada & Matsumoto LPC)
July 4, 11, 25 and August 1 International Business Transactions (A)
Mr. Tetsuro KURITA and Others
(One Asia Lawyers)


  Internship [syllabus]
  Short Term Internship [syllabus]


Fall 2020 2020年度後期

    Academic Calender for Fall 2020 [PDF] (Updated Nov 30)
    Syllabi will be released as in due course.

Important Announcement

Conditions for Using Classroom

Some of courses are delivered at the classroom. Online classes are also available.
Please confirm the condition below before you attend classes in the campus.
- Conditions for attending classes at the campus
- Health Check Sheet

Time Table for Fall 2020 semester

The lecture period is 90 minutes each.

  • - 1st period: 8:50-10:20
  • - 2nd period:10:40-12:10
  • - 3rd period:13:20-14:50
  • - 4th period:15:10-16:40
  • - 5th period:17:00-18:30
  • - 6th period:18:50-20:20

Regular Courses

  • October 2-
    3rd period/Fri
    Advanced Legal English 2
    Prof. Keith CARPENTER
    October 5-
    5th period/Mon
    Introduction to Legal English 2
    Prof. Keith CARPENTER
    October 7-
    3rd period/Wed
    Introduction to Common Law 2
    Prof. Keith CARPENTER
    October 15-
    5 or 5-6th period/Thu
    every two weeks
    Japanese Legal System I
    organized by Prof. Akira SAITO
    December 1-
    1st period/Tue
    2nd period/Fri
    Special lectures on International Law III
    Prof. Dai TAMADA

Intensive Courses

  • October 10, 17 Strategic Internatioanl Business Consulting (B)
    Mr. Jeff LEONG
    October 13-
    November 15
    Tue, Wed and Fri
    Internatioanl Investment Law 1
    Prof. Karsten NOWROT
    (University of Humburg)
    October 24, 25 ADR in Asia and the Rest of the world
    Mr. Danny McFadden
    November 2-
    December 21
    Law and Finance (B)
    Mr. Yoshiki UCHIDA
    (MDP Business Advisory Co., Ltd.)
    November 25, 27
    December 2, 4
    Public International Law 1
    Prof. Christian TAMS
    (University of Glasgow)
    November 14, 21
    December 5, 12
    Asian Law
    Prof. Yun ZHAO and Mr. Jeff LEONG
    (University of Hong Kong / JLPW)
    December 17, 18, 21
    and 22
    Public International law 2
    Prof. Congyan CAI
    (Xiamen University)
    December 19
    January 9, 16 and 23
    Dispute Resolution in Asia Workshop (A)
    Mr. Kurita and Others
    (One Asia Lawyers)
    January 5-8, 11-14 Comparative Competition Law
    Prof. Thomas Cheng
    (University of Hong Kong)
    January 19-
    Feburary 10
    International Investment law 2
    Prof. Sebastien MANCIAUX
    (University of Burgundy)


  Vis Moot Workshop [syllabus]
  Internship [syllabus]
  Short Term Internship [syllabus]