People 教員・スタッフ

Administrative Staff

  • Ms. Kumiko INOUE
  • Ms. Chiaki KAWAMURA

Prof. Akira SAITO齋藤 彰 教授

Prof. Akira SAITO
  • LL.M. (1989, University of Aberdeen; 1983, Kobe University)
  • 1988 Lecturer, Setsunan University
  • 1993 Associate Professor, Kansai University
  • 2001 Professor, Kobe University
Research Theme
International Business Law, Private International Law

Prof. Dai TAMADA玉田 大 教授

Prof. Dai TAMADA
  • LL.M. (2000, Kyoto University), Ph.D.(2014, Kyoto University)
  • 2005 Associate Professor at Okayama University
  • 2009 Associate Professor at Kobe University
  • 2014 Professor at Kobe University
Research Theme
International Law, international investment law
GMAP in Law Course is a challenging program in legal education. As you know, Japanese legal education is still stick to Japanese language, since the official language of court is Japanese. However, the business area can not any more be domestic and you will be confronted with more and more occasions to use English as a working language. Thus, GMAP will provide you with opportunities to study law in English, but also with customes to think always in English. We have three foreign colleagues: Keith Carpenter, James Claxton, Cindy Cheong. This means that you can communicate with foreigners in English every day. This situation will enhance your ability of English communication and practitioners' mind.

Prof. Keith CARPENTERキース・カーペンター 教授

  • B.A. (1978, Cambridge University), M.A. (Cambridge University)
  • 1982 Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales
  • 1982 Lawyer, Slaughter & May, London
  • 1985 Partner, McKenna & Co., Bahrain
  • 1989 Lawyer, Clifford Chance, Tokyo
  • 1994 Director – Head of Legal Services, DKB International plc, London
  • 1996 Japan Foundation Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency, Grade 1
  • 2012 Cambridge University Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • 2015 Professor, Graduate School of Law, Kobe University
International financial law, common law, legal English
1.5 billion people speak English in the world but of these only about 25% speak English as their first language. When a businessperson from China has a meeting with a businessperson from Japan, they will probably conduct their meeting in English. If a businessperson from Russia joins them, it is almost certain that the common language will be English. Our GMAP course aims to give students not only a sound foundation in international business law but also the confidence and ability to speak about, listen to, read and write about business law matters in English. Students who have both a sound grasp of business law and the ability to communicate about it in English, will be able to deal with business partners from every country in the world. They will be able to negotiate legally safe transactions and also present strong legal arguments in the event of a dispute.

Prof. Fujio KAWASHIMA川島 富士雄 教授

  • LL.B. (1990, University of Tokyo)
  • 1990 Research Associate, University of Tokyo
  • 1996 Associate Professor, Kanazawa University
  • 2005 Associate Professor, Nagoya University
  • 2011 Professor, Nagoya University
  • 2015 Professor, Kobe University
Research Theme
International Economic Law, Competition Law in Asian Countries
Since 1990, I have been tackling research topics including: the WTO dispute settlement system, legal reform after China’s accession to the WTO, and development of competition law in Asian countries. For a decade, I have been supervising in English a lot of foreign students who were interested in WTO law and competition law. Taking advantage of these experience, I would like to invite you to the study of international economic law and/or competition law. In GMAP in Law Course, I am in charge of WTO Moot Workshop. Please feel free to visit my office if you are interested in the above mentioned topics, regardless whether you are taking the Workshop.

Prof. Yukio OKITSU興津 征雄 教授

Associate Prof. Yukio OKITSU
  • LL.M. (2005, University of Paris II; 2002, University of Tokyo)
  • 2005 Associate Professor, Kobe University
  • 2016 Professor, Kobe University
Research Theme
Administrative Law, Global Administrative Law