Kobe University School of Law 神戸大学大学院法学研究科

The Kobe University School of Law comprises about 1,200 students (including 330 postgraduate students) and 70 full-time faculty members. It regularly ranks among the top law schools of Japanese universities both for legal research and for the qualification rate of its J.D. Program graduates as Japanese lawyers (2015: ranked 4th). The law faculty is part of the Kobe University community, which includes about 16,000 students across 4 campuses.

 UniversityNo. of ExamineesNo. of SuccessfulRatio
1Hitotsubashi U1427955.6%
2Kyoto U24012853.3%
3U of Tokyo30514948.9%
4Kobe U1497248.3%
5Keio U34715845.5%
6Aichi U22836.4%
7Chuo U47517035.8%
8Waseda U47114530.8%
9Osaka U1654829.1%
10Hokkaido U1474228.6%
 National Total8,0161,85023.1%

2015 Bar Examination of Japan