Prof. Tosh Minohara

Tosh Minohara
Professor, U.S.-Japan Relations & Diplomatic History
     Welcome to the Faculty and the Graduate School of Law at Kobe University!
     I am currently the professor of US-Japan relations of this department, where I have taught well over two decades. If you are interested in international relations, national security issues, foreign policy, diplomatic and political history, then you’ll be interested in taking my courses. And if you are a gradu-ate student, then perhaps I can be an ideal advisor in which you can pursue an advanced degree in these topics.
     There are several things that make this department special in my view. One is the comradery between the faculty members. We work closely together with the benefit of the students in mind. Further-more, the faculty members are all highly qualified and established members of their respective academic fields. Most are known globally for their publications and other academic contributions. Finally, our student body is very international, particularly at the graduate level. I personally have advised students from Canada, Mexico, Serbia, Portugal, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, India, South Korean, Taiwan, and China just to name a few. Thus, if you are a foreign student, then you’ll feel right at home in our department.
     If you plan to study as an undergraduate student at Kobe, then be sure to enroll in a seminar that is offered from your third year. These small- sized classes give you the opportunity to get acquainted with your professor and peers in a liberal arts college like environment. No doubt, you will develop life-long friendships which will become the cornerstone of your time at Kobe University. My course name of my seminar is seijigaikoshi (political and diplomatic history), so I truly do hope to that someone who has read this will become a future student!