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February 8
The next TOLES examination will be on 22 March. The cut-off date for applications is 21 February. Persons interested should contact Professor Carpenter.
January 30
Lecture: We welcomed Prof. Cai from University of Xiamen for the International Investment Law 1 intensive course and a one-day seminar [January 15-26].

January 29
Notification of successful applicants
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January 12
Lecture: We welcomed Prof. Sakina from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) for the Asian Law intensive course [January 7 and 8]. She also held a seminar on consumer law in ASEAN countries on January 10.

January 4
Seminar:"Harmonisation of ASEAN Consumer Protection Laws" by Prof. Sakina Shaik Ahmad Yusoff (UKM) will be held on 10, Jan, 2018.
Time: 13:20-14:50
Venue: Room 406, Frontier Hall
For more information, please refer to the files below.

December 26
Seminar:"Beyond UNCLOS: International Law Issues in Maritime Dispute Settlement" by Prof. Cai Congyan (Xiamen University) will be held on 17, Jan, 2018.
For more information, please refer to the files below.

December 21
Notice: We inform you that we will hold the following intensive lecture courses in February.
- International Business Transactions (A)
- Geopolitical Risk Analysis
For more information, please refer to the files below.

December 4
Lecture: We welcomed Prof. Nottage from the University of Sydney for the International Business Transactions (B) intensive course [November 24, 25 and December 1].

November 29
Lecture: We welcomed Prof. Zhao from the University of Hong Kong for the Asian Law intensive course [November 23 and 26]

November 9
Symposium:INGEER International symposium on "Theory and Practice of Export Control" will be held on 23-24 November.

November 7
クラクストン教授の記事がJCAA Newsletter No.38に掲載されます。
The article by Prof. Claxton will be published in JCAA News Letter No.38.

November 7
Lecture: Workshop “International Arbitration Institutions in Asia” was held on November 4 and 5. Presentations were given by seven distinguished speakers from reputable institutions.

November 1
Lecture: Intensive course “Global Business and Human Rights” were held from October 23-27 by Prof. Claxton.

October 27
Lecture: Dispute Resolution in Asia Workshop 2017
日時: 11月4日(土)10:00 ~ 17:00、11月5日(日)10:00 ~ 17:00
場所:神戸大学六甲台キャンパス アカデミア館404



October 11
Lecture: We welcomed Mr. Danny McFadden from CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) for the ADR in Asia and the Rest of the World (A) intensive course [October 7-8].


October 4
The next TOLES examination will be on 23rd November. Persons interested in taking it should contact Professor Carpenter.
October 2
We held an orientation for new students on October 2 with 11 participants. Prof. Saito, Prof. Carpenter, and Prof. Claxton performed presentations using PPT slides.

August 28
Summer School: The annual Summer School of Asian Law and Dispute Management (“SALAD”) was held from August 21-25. The lectures in English were given by lecturers from Kobe University, partner universities, law firms, arbitral institutions, and commercial courts in various Asian jurisdictions. A total of 47 participants from China, Macau, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea and Japan took part in this intensive program.


July 25
Lecture: We welcomed Dr. Ioannis Konstantinidis from Qatar University for the Sea Law intensive course [July 18-21].


July 24
Summer School: Poster, Pamphlet and Program of Kobe SALAD 2017 (Aug21-Aug25) have been uploaded.


July 10
Lecture: We welcomed Dr. Edouard Fromageau from Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for the Global Administrative Law intensive course [June 26-30].


June 21
Lecture: We welcomed Prof. Fitzmaurice from Queen Mary University of London for the Law of Treaties intensive course [June 5-16].


May 17
Lecture: We welcomed Prof. Hsu from Singapore Management University for the International Investment Law 2 intensive course [May 8-16].




with Prof. NAKAGAWA, Dean, Graduate School of Law

April 17
We welcomed Prof. Neuwirth from University of Macau for “WTO Law” intensive course [April 10-April 14].


April 4
Lecture: Course Schedule for 2017 Spring is available
March 31
「GMAP in Law サーティフィケート」説明会開催のお知らせ

日時: 4月5日(水)13:20~14:50
場所: 第2学舎3階 大会議室
February 27
Seminar: We welcomed Mr. Monty Taylor from Arnold & Porter and Kaye Scholer, London on February 21 and 23 for Seminar “Is an Arbitral Award an ‘Investment’? The Case of White Industries v. India” and “The European Commission’s Proposal for an Investment Court as Part of the TTIP – Implications for Practice”.


February 14

・2月21日(火)13:30-15:00 アカデミア館404 使用言語:英語
“Is an international investor approved to recourse to BITs for claiming the amounts owed under international arbitration award?”
・2月23日(木)13:30-15:00 アカデミア館404 使用言語:英語
“An Investment Court under the TTIP – Implications to Asia”
講師はいずれもMonty Taylor氏です。


February 13
Seminar: We welcomed Prof. Nottage from The University of Sydney on February 9 for seminar “Perceptions and realities of international arbitration: Implications for International commercial courts and enforcing foreign judgements”


February 6
TOLES Examinations: the next TOLES examination date is 23 March. Applications to take the exam must be sent to Professor Carpenter by 20 February.
February 6
Debora Simoes, Maria Byvakina & Hikari Saito are the latest successful candidates of the TOLES Higher Level legal English examination.


February 6
Lecture: We welcomed Mr. Jeff Leong from JLPW and Mr. Hiroyuki Ishizaki from Brainstorm Worldwide, Inc. for “Strategic International Business Consulting A & B”, intensive course [Jan 22-24, 26-28].



January 10
"Struggle with the Public Aspect of ISDS:Controversy and Future Model"
December 20
Lecture: We welcomed Prof. Zhu from Xiamen University, for International Taxation intensive course [December 12-December 16].



December 13
Lecture: We welcomed Prof. Cheng from Hong Kong University, for Comparative Competition Law  intensive course [November 28-December 7].



December 12
【Notice】Changes in class room has been made for Strategic International Business Consulting (A) & (B) from Frontier 406 to Room 162 in the Second Building on 22 January and 28 January. Please refer to the new calendar.
November 11
日 時:2016年12月9日(金) 15:00~18:00
会 場:神戸大学 六甲台第1キャンパス フロンティア館3Fプレゼンテーションホール
November 10
日時:2016年11月14日(月)10:40~12:30 会場:神戸大学六甲台キャンパス・アカデミア館403号室

November 8
Workshop:We welcomed seven international arbitrators from China, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan for The 2016 Dispute Resolution in Asia Workshop [November 5 and 6].


October 17
Lecture: The 2016 Dispute Resolution in Asia Workshop
日時: 11月5日(土)10:00 ~17:00、11月6日(日)9:00 ~ 17:00
場所:神戸大学六甲台キャンパス アカデミア館404


October 12
Lecture: We welcomed Mr. Robert Pé, from Gibson Dunn law firm in Hong Kong to give lectures on “Promoting the Rule of Law in Myanmar” and “Investment and Commercial Dispute Resolution in Myanmar: An Evolving Landscape”. [October 8 and 10].


September 20
Lecture: We welcomed Mr. Danny McFadden from CEDR for the ADR in Asia and the Rest of the World intensive course [September 10,11,17, and 18]


September 14
講師:Robert S. Pé 氏 (ギブソン・ダン法律事務所 香港オフィス)
場所:神戸大学六甲台キャンパス アカデミア館404


August 23
   9:30~11:00; 11:10~12:40; 13:30~15:00; 15:10~16:40
場所:神戸大学六甲台キャンパス アカデミア館404


July 19
Summer School: Pamphlet and Program of Kobe SALAD 2016 (Aug22-Aug26) have been uploaded.


Jun 24
We welcomed Prof. Cai from Xiamen University, for International Investment Law 1 intensive course [June 13-June 22].

Jun 16
Applicant Guidelines for 2017 Spring entrance has been uploaded.
June 13
Lecture: We welcomed Ms. Fiorini Aude from University of Dundee, for the International Business Litigation (A) intensive course [June 4-June 12]

Jun 9
Information Session (in Japanese): Global Master Program (GMAPs)
対象:法・経済・経営学部 全学年
日時:6月28日(火) 12:20~13:10

対象:国際文化学部 全学年
日時:6月29日(水) 12:20~13:10
場所:国際文化学研究科 F102教室
May 23
Lecture: We welcomed Associate Prof. Hasani Bin Mohd Ali from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, for the International Corporate Law and Practice intensive course [May 9-May 20].

May 19
Lecture: We welcomed Prof. Yun Zhao from the University of Hong Kong, China, for the Asian Law intensive course [April 29-May 1].

May 18
First TOLES examination held at Kobe University

April 18
Lecture: We welcomed Asso.Prof. Alexander BATALOV from Moscow State University, Russia, for the Air Law intensive course [April 18-28].


with Prof. NAKAGAWA, Dean, Graduate School of Law

April 14
Lecture: The date for Kobe SALAD 2016 is fixed from August 22-26.
April 6
Lecture: Introduction to Business Law: Guidance for new students was taken place.

March 17
March 10
Feb. 27
Lecture: Course Schedule for 2016 Spring is available
Lecture: Academic Calender is up.
Information on application for October 2016 enrollment is now available. Click HERE.

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