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Internship Program

One of the hallmarks of our LL.M. Program is its internship program. By participating, students are given the chance to experience the daily routine of practicing lawyers and the internal workings of corporations and institutions. The experience enables students to better understand the law and functioning of businesses while enjoying the gratification of practical work.

- Working with lawyers
- Working with business executives
- Analyzing case files
- Performing legal research
- Drafting legal memoranda
- Advising managers
- Attending staff meetings
- Attending client meetings
- Attending court hearings

The internship placements last for 2 to 8 weeks. They normally take place at law firms (both international and domestic), arbitral institutions, international organizations, or international business enterprise. For this purpose, the law faculty maintains a network of partner law firms, institutions, and businesses. Students can also earn their credits for placements outside of the network with prior approval.

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