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No. Year Pages Author Title
46 2012 1-12 Karl-Heinz Ladeur Law and economics and ... the law? : The social epistemology of postmodern law
13-30 Nari Lee Law and Economics as a methodology in intellectual property right research : patent law research as an example (BIB) (PDF)

45 2011 1-13 Ken MASUJIMA Development and Security in Foreign Aid: Ever Closer Partners? (BIB) (PDF)
15-50 Akira SAITO A Review of the Conflicts Law Revolution in the USA : As a part of historical sketch of the theories and methods of the private international law (BIB) (PDF)
51-68 Atsushi TAGO and Singer J. DAVID Predicting the Horizontal Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (BIB) (PDF)

44 2010 1-17 Hiroki YASUI The 'Agenda 2010' Reform under the Schroder Government : German governance in transition? (BIB) (PDF)
19-33 Domingues J. MARCOS An introduction to The Brazilian Tax System (BIB) (PDF)
35-48 Monjal P. YVES Can European Fundamental Rights be Contested? (BIB) (PDF)

43 2009 1-15 Narufumi KADOMATSU The Rise and Fall of the "Relationship of Reciprocal Interchangeability" Theory in Japan : Productivity of "Misinterpretation"? (BIB) (PDF)
17-41 Asako MATOBA The system of Enforcing Patent Rights beyond Borders : In the EU States (BIB) (PDF)

42 2008 1-12 Ken MASUJIMA Japan's ODA and East Asian Regionalism : Towards a Regional Approach? (BIB) (PDF)
13-27 Hiroki YASUI Social Changes and Organizational Adaptations in the Age of the Post-Welfare State : Diversified Responses of Political Parties and Trade Unions in Germany (BIB) (PDF)

41 2007 1-16 Fumio IIDA Is Multiculturalism Compatible with Minority Politics?
17-36 Suzuka YOSHIOKA Seeking Legal Advice in Rural Areas of Japan : The Recent Changes in Legal Networks (BIB) (PDF)

40 2006 1-14 Narufumi KADOMATSU Recent Development of Decentralization, Deregulation and Citizens' Participation in Japanese city Planning Law (BIB) (PDF)
15-36 Silviu JORA International Organizations and Democratization Models The Case of EU Accession of Romania (BIB) (PDF)
37-66 Ventsislav VELIKOV Incorporation of High Level Regional and International Technical Standards into National Standardization Systems -A Model for Global Administrative Law?- 
67-68 Akira SAITO CDAMS International Symposium 2006 "Mediation and Legal Dynamics: Horizontal Ordering, Disputing, and Law" Editorial Note 
69-85 Louise BARRINGTON CDAMS International Symposium 2006 'Mediation and Legal Dynamics: Horizontal Ordering, Disputing, and Law' Blending Cultures in Mediation (BIB) (PDF)
87-96 Yutaka TEJIMA Recent Developments concerning a Doctor's Legal Duty of Explanation after Medical Treatment in Japan (BIB) (PDF)

39 2005 1-21 Weidong JI Legal Education in China : A Great Leap Forward of Professionalism (BIB) (PDF)
23-37 Yuka FUJIOKA Does sovereignty help us to understand international politics? : Its change and robustness from the debate between realism and constructivism (BIB) (PDF)
39-68 James LLEWELYN Japan's diplomatic response to Indonesia's policy of confronting Malaysia (Konfrontasi) 1963-1966 (BIB) (PDF)

38 2004 1-20 Ryosuke AMIYA-NAKADA Constructing 'Corporatist' State-Society Relations? : Current Discourses on the European NGOs and Its Democratic Weakness (BIB) (PDF)
21-44 Shotaro HAMAMOTO Le <pouvoir> de dernier mot : Des limites de la presomption de validite des actes des organisations internationales (BIB) (PDF)
45-46 Akira SAITO CDAMS International Symposium 2003 Legal Dynamics in the Global Era : Multidisciplinary perspective on the Transformation of Market and Law 'Editorial Note' (BIB) (PDF)
47-58 JIANG Ping Marketization, Globalization, Modernization, and Localization of the Law
59-96 Oliver E. WILLIAMSON Why Law, Economics, and Organization?
97 Akira SAITO CDAMS Workshop(Program of Applied Research Unit)'Ian Macneil's Relational Contract Theory' Editorial Note (BIB) (PDF)
99-129 David CAMPBELL The Relational Constitution of Contractual Agreement (BIB) (PDF)

37 2003 1-18 Ikuo KUME Politics of Institutional Complementality : Unbundling the Japanese Management System ?
19-30 Tosh MINOHARA Influence of Patriotism on American Foreign Policy (BIB) (PDF)
31-44 Britta-Beate SCHÖN Die Bedeutung von "soft law" für die europäische Harmonisierung und der Europäische Verhaltenskodex für Hypothekarkreditgeber
45-56 Yutaka TEJIMA Recent Developments in Informed Consent Law in Japan (2) (BIB) (PDF)

36 2002 1-17 Shinya OUCHI The Actual Legal Problems on Labor Contact in Japanese Labor Law : Impact of the 'Individualization' of Working Conditions (BIB) (PDF)
19-43 Ryota MURAI Who Should Govern: The Political Reformation after the First World War in Japan (BIB) (PDF)
45-59 Yutaka TEJIMA Recent Developments in Informed Consent Law in Japan (1) (BIB) (PDF)

35 2001 1-9 Yasutaka ABE Die Justizreform und die Reform des Verwaltungsrechtsschutzes, insbesondere der Umweltschutzklage (BIB) (PDF)
11-28 Michael TRÖSTER Das verbraucherschutzende Widerrufstrecht nach § 361a BGB
29-46 Yoshiyuki LEE Provisional Measures and the Loss of Human Life : An Overview of Recent Practice in the International Court of Justice (BIB) (PDF)
47-48 Weidong JI Joint Symposium 'Law, Economy and Social Change in Hong Kong Today : Multiangular Inspection of and Dialogue on the Asian Age' : Editorial Note (BIB) (PDF)
49-73 Albert H. Y. CHEN Hong Kong's Legal System After the 1997 Handover
75-101 Johannes CHAN Human Rights in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region : The First Four Years
103-124 Xian-chu ZHANG The Practice of "One Country, Two Systems" in the Economic Integration of Mainland China and Hong Kong : Review and Prospects
125-141 Mariko TANIGAKI Political Parties in the post-1997 Hong Kong
143-196 Norio KOMURO EC Anti-Dumping Measures and Hong Kong

34 2000 1-16 Hisakazu FUJITA Le crime contre l'humanite dans les proces de Nuremberg et de Tokyo (BIB) (PDF)
17-26 Carl F. GOODMAN Effect of Jury Trial on Uneted States Law
27-53 Ryuhei HATSUSE Japanese Responses to Globalization in Society and Mind
55-80 Fumio IIDA Civil Society and Its Moral Effects : The Case of Postwar Japan
81-92 Michael TRÖSTER Die gewährleistungsrechtliche garantiehaftung des Vermieters - Nur eine akademische Fiktion?

33 1999 1-26 Ryuhei HATSUSE Globalisation and Asian Implications
27 Setsuo MIYAZAWA Three Papers on the Role of Universities in the Training of Lawyers Editorial Note (BIB) (PDF)
29-53 Marilyn L. PILKINGTON Legal Education in the Province of Ontario, Canada : The Role of Universities and the Legal Profession
55-83 Miers David MIERS The Role of Universities in the Training of Lawyers in the United Kingdom
85-96 Kun YANG Developments in the Proposal for Korean Professional Law Schools
97-126 Robert D. ELDRIDGE / Ayako KUSUNOKI To Base or Not to Base? Yoshida Shigeru, the 1950 Ikeda Mission, and Post-Treaty Japanese Security Conceptions

32 1998 1-20 Takehisa NAKAGAWA Administative Guidance : A Tentative Model of How Japanese Lawyers Understand It (BIB) (PDF)
21-43 Mary Jane MOSSMAN Achieving Gender Equality : Legal Principles and Social Arrangements
45-47 Setsuo MIYAZAWA Symposium 'Organized Crime and Organizational Crime : Frontiers in Research, Theory, and Policy' : Editorial Note (BIB) (PDF)
49-76 Michael LEVI Combating White-Collar and Organized Crime : Some Key Dilemmas for Democratic Societies
77-91 Louise I. SHELLEY Transnational Organized Crime in the United States : Defining the problem
93-100 Hans-Heiner KUHNE Fighting Organized Crime in Free Democratic Societies
101-122 Sally S. SIMPSON Assessing Corporate Crime Control Policies : Criminalzation versus Cooperation

31 1997 1-32 Ronni ALEXANDER Regional Cooperation, Regionalism and Security in the Pacific : Looking at Tuna Fisheries (BIB) (PDF)
33-56 Ryuhei HATSUSE Sub, Macro and Mega-regionalism in East Asia and Asia-Pacific
57-75 Taro TSUKIMURA Regionalisms in Austria-Hungary : a Historical Survey on Regionalism in Eastern Europe
77-99 Fumio IIDA Liberalism in a Communal Society : Self, Community, and Politics in the Thoughts of Masao Maruyama

30 1996 1-28 Ronni ALEXANDER Security in the Context of our Everyday Lives : Lessons from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake (BIB) (PDF)
29-38 Shinya OUCHI Restructuring of Enterprises and Protection of Working Conditions of Middle-aged and Elderly Employees in Japan (BIB) (PDF)
39-73 Tosh MINOHARA The Road to Exclusion : The 1920 California Alien Land Law and U.S.-Japan Relations (BIB) (PDF)

29 1995 1-10 Yasutaka ABE Proposals for Solving Japan's Land Use Problems (BIB) (PDF)
11-34 Shuzo KIMURA NPT: The Indefinite Extension And After
35-43 Ikuo KUME Market Friendliness in Public Policy
45-64 Setsuo MIYAZAWA For the Liberal Transformation of Japanese Legal Culture : A Review of the Recent Scholarship and Practice (BIB) (PDF)
65-88 Yutaka SHINADA The Evaluation of Japanese Single Non Transferable Vote System : Is CHUU-SENKYOKU-SEIDO "Semi" Proportional?
89-119 Hitoshi KIMURA Contracts of Guarantee and the Bank's Duty of Disclosure in England and Canada : An Examination of Doctrines of Undue Influence and Unconscionability in Consumer Guarantee Contracts

28 1994 1-18 Yoshio OHARA Legal Issue Facing Japanese Business in Canada
19-29 Michael Peter WAXMAN Extraterritorial Application of U.S. Antitrust Law after Hartford : The Exporter's Case
31-40 Kazuhito YUKIZAWA Recent Development of Trust Law on Occupational Pension Scheme in U.K. (BIB) (PDF)

27 1993 1-33 Yasutaka ABE Toward a New Framework of Administrative Law (BIB) (PDF)
35-44 Tamotsu ISOMURA Verbraucherschutz und neue Aufgaben des Vertragsrechts in Japan (BIB) (PDF)
45-72 Ichiro MIYAKE Candidate Evaluation and Voting Choice under the Japanese Electoral System (BIB) (PDF)

26 1992 1-32 Terence G. ISON Employment Quotas for Disabled People : The Japanese Experience
33-60 Percy R. LUNEY, Jr. Are Japanese Companies Complying with Fair Employment Laws in the United States?
61-88 Axel SCHWARZ Der Fall Honecker : Deutschland zwischen Rechtsstaat und Gerechtigkeit

25 1991 1-18 Yasutaka ABE On the Conservation of Coastal Environments by Legal Methods (BIB) (PDF)
19-38 Fujio HAMADA Unilateral Change by the Employer of Working Conditions in Times of Economic Difficulties (BIB) (PDF)
39-43 Eiji MARUYAMA Japanese Law of Informed Consent (BIB) (PDF)
45-61 Setsuo MIYAZAWA Administrative Control of Japanese Judges (BIB) (PDF)
63-110 Tomoko INOUE Legal Status of Aliens in the United States and Japan

24 1990 1-16 Shyam L. AGARWAL Supreme Court of India : The Fortieth Anniversary
17-28 Axel SCHWARZ Die Vereinbarung des Zinssatzes : nominal oder effektiv?
29-61 Setsuo MIYAZAWA Learning Lessons from Japanese Experience in Policing and Crime : Challenge for Japanese Criminologists (BIB) (PDF)
63-78 Shunichiro NAKANO Zur Reform des japanischen Internationalen Familienrechts (BIB) (PDF)

23 1989 1-12 Ulrich IMMENGA The German Monopolies Commission
13-27 Setsuo MIYAZAWA Scandal and Hard Reform : Implications of a Wiretapping Case to the Control of Organizational Police Crimes in Japan (BIB) (PDF)
29-36 Ikuo KUME Labor Ministry Offensive in Japan : A Case of Autonomy of the State Agency?

22 1988 1-24 D. Paul EMOND Alternative Dispute Resolution : A Conceptual Overview
25-46 Hans Peter MARUTSCHKE Anfänge der Gewerkschaftsbewegung in Japan : Yuaikai und die Entwürfe eines Gewerkschaftsgesetzes
47-61 A. L. C. de MESTRAL The Legal Status of Aliens in Canadian Law
63-77 Setsuo MIYAZAWA Social Movements and Contemporary Rights in Japan : Relative Success Factors in the Field of Environmental Law (BIB) (PDF)

21 1987 1-8 Hans-Albrecht Schwarz-Liebermann von WAHLENDORF Rechtsvergleichung : Methoden, Wege, Möglichkeiten
9-78 Nisuke ANDO Surrender, Occupation, and Private Property in International Law (2) : An Evaluation of Some United States Practices during the Occupation of Surrendered Japan (BIB) (PDF)
79-96 Fujio HAMADA The Gist of Labor Relations Law in Japan : Its Universalities and Peculiarities (BIB) (PDF)
97-132 Yoshihisa OKOSHI Umweltschutz in Japan

20 1986 1-60 Nisuke ANDO Surrender, Occupation, and Private Property in International Law (1) : An Evaluation of Some United States Practices during the Occupation of Surrendered Japan (BIB) (PDF)
61-96 Ryuhei HATSUSE Indices of Japanese Militarization
97-162 Setsuo MIYAZAWA Legal Departments of Japanese Corporations in the United States : A Study on Organizational Adaptation to Multiple Environments (BIB) (PDF)

19 1985 1-16 J.-G. CASTEL Canada : Recent Developments in the Private International Law Rules Dealing with Matrimonial Property
17-37 Shuzo KIMURA Japan's Middle East Policy : Impact of the Oil Crises (BIB) (PDF)
39-56 Akira NEGISHI The Business Groups and the Distribution System, and the Antimonopoly Law in Japan (2) (BIB) (PDF)

18 1984 1-20 John Owen HALEY The Role of Law in Japan : An Historical Perspective
21-31 Kikuo ISHIDA Der Wille im Rechtsgeschäft
33-49 Akira NEGISHI The Business Groups and the Distribution System, and the Antimonopoly Law in Japan (1) (BIB) (PDF)

17 1983 1-26 Hans Peter MARUTSCHKE Gewerkschaften, Arbeitskampf, Tarifvertrag und Mitbestimmung-Aspekte Kollektiven Arbeitsrechts in Japan und der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
27-38 Kentaro SERITA Recognition of New States and Japanese Practice after the Second World War (3) (BIB) (PDF)
39-47 Shiro KASHIMURA The Effectiveness of Legal Control in Japanese Labor-Management Relations : A Study of Dispute Processing under the Japanese Unfair Labor Practice Law (2)

16 1982 1-20 Kentaro SERITA Recognition of New States and Japanese Practice after the Second World War (2) (BIB) (PDF)
21-35 Shiro KASHIMURA The Effectiveness of Legal Control in Japanese Labor-Management Relations : A Study of Dispute Processing under the Japanese "unfair labor practice" law (1)

15 1981 1-14 Kentaro SERITA Recognition of New States and Japanese Practice after the Second World War (1) (BIB) (PDF)
15-32 Hikaru TAKAGI Verwaltungs-Realakt und die Lehre von den Handlungsformen der Verwaltung : Ein Kontrast zwischen japanischer und deutscher Lehre (BIB) (PDF)
33-43 Keisuke HASUNUMA NISHI Amane and G. H. Lewes (1) (BIB) (PDF)

14 1980 1-22 Manfred WOLF Die Rolle des privatrechtlichen Umweltschutzes
23-46 Robert HEUSER Die Koalitionsfreiheit des Arbeitnehmers nach deutschem und japanischem Recht
47-56 Tomonobu YAMASHITA Protection of the Policyholders against Unfaire Policy Terms in Japan

13 1979 1-24 Kazuo INDO Pressure Groups in the Diet Elections of Postwar Japan : The Role of Trade Unions and Business Groups (BIB) (PDF)
25-36 Akira NEGISHI Legislation concerning Security of Some Business Areas for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise and Antimonopoly Act (BIB) (PDF)

12 1987 1-18 Tomokazu NISHIKAWA L'expression politique du catholicisme avant la première guerre mondiale
19-36 Mitchio NISHIHARA Schadensersatzsumme bei Personenschaden - zur Standardisierung und Pauschalierung der Ersatzsumme
37-45 Yasutaka ABE Land Reclamation and the Protection of the Sea and the Seashore surrounding Japan (BIB) (PDF)

11 1977 1-20 Ichiro KAWAMOTO Social Responsibility of Corporation (BIB) (PDF)
21-29 Katsuro KANZAKI Legal Analysis of Nihon Netsugaku Case

10 1974 1-22 Keiji KUBO Research on Labor Co-Determination in West Germany (BIB) (PDF)
23-50 Kuniji SHIBAHARA La garde à vue et son contrôle en droit comparé (1)

9 1973 1-10 Takeo HAYAKAWA Age and the Judiciary in Japan (1)
11-34 Tsuyoshi MASUDA Takashi Hara and China (2) (BIB) (PDF)

8 1972 1-36 Samuel MERMIN Student Protest and the American University : A Case Study
37-63 Taneomi KUNITOSHI Two Types of Exchange and Two Sources of the Law of Exchange

7 1971 1-14 Tsuyoshi MASUDA Takashi Hara and China (1) (BIB) (PDF)
15-23 Takeo HAYAKAWA The Japanese Judiciary in the Whirlwind of Politics

6 1966 1-12 Taro KAWAKAMI Seventy-Years of Japanese Private International Law : A Historical Review
13-25 Shigetsugu SUZUKI Discovery in Japanese Criminal Procedure (BIB) (PDF)

5 1965 1-14 Taro KAWAKAMI Japan's Private International Law in its Making : A Historical Review
15-21 Hiroshi KUBOTA Attualità del diritto marittimo giapponese
23-29 Hiroshi KUBOTA Codice della Casa dei minorenni. L. 15 luglio 1948, n. 169.
31-39 Ichiro KAWAMOTO Aktienwesen nach dem geanderten japanischen Handelsgesetz (BIB) (PDF)

4 1964 1-10 Masao ONOUE Some Factors in the Communist View of Neutrality
11-26 Hideo OHTAKE Das gerichtliche Verfahren in der EDO-Zeit in Japan
27-31 Takeo HAYAKAWA Kobe Law Journal - A Brief Account -

3 1963 1-10 Toru KANO Warum Stimmt Österreich der Vorlage des Problems Südtirol beim Internationalen Gerichtshof nicht zu?
11-67 Mitchio NISHIHARA Unterhaltspflicht in der öffentlichen Fürsorge nach britischem und japanischem Recht (1)
69-88 Masaru NISHI Agency in Japanese Private International Law (BIB) (PDF)

2 1962 1-27 Takeo HAYAKAWA Legal Science and Judicial Behavior : With Particular Reference to Civil Liberties in the Japanese Supreme Court
29-48 Tomokazu NISHIKAWA Influence sur la vie politique du système électoral au Japon
49-56 Hiroshi KUBOTA Le Origini Convenzionali del Diritto Privato Aeronautico : In memoria del Prof. Amedeo Giannini

1 1961 1-22 Keiichi MATSUO The Development of the Idea of Social Fundamental Rights in Japan
23-40 Masao ONOUE A Study of Sino-Soviet Ideological Controversies : What Binds USSR and Communist China Together
41-68 Tsuyoshi MASUDA The Origins and Development of the Agricultural Association System in Modern Japan (BIB) (PDF)
69-80 Yoko FUKUCHI Essai sur le délai de viduité au Japon

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