Graduate School of Law/Faculty of Law, Kobe University




Comparative Studies on the Methods of Economic and Social Regulation of Market Mechanisms from the Econo-Legal Perspective

Principal Investigator: Professor SENSUI Fumio

Since 2009, the Kobe University Graduate School of Law has been engaged in a joint research and education project with the university’s Graduate School of Economics. This project, entitled Econo-Legal Studies, is an attempt to encourage legal studies and economics to leverage their respective strengths, in concepts and perspectives, and collaborate to resolve the complex social issues of today.

The research described here was launched in 2012 as a sub-project of Econo-Legal Studies. Based on the perspective that treats legal regulation as a means for correcting market functions, this research is aimed at studying the significance of various approaches related to legal regulation (e.g. formulating clear rules, utilizing more general standards, establishing criminal punishment, and preparing civil remedies) from two viewpoints—fairness and efficiency.

Close to 20 researchers, focused around faculty members of the Kobe University Graduate School of Law and Graduate School of Economics, are participating in this research. Their fields of specialization include competition law and competition policies, labor, social security, intellectual property, administrative law and taxation.

The Econo-Legal Studies project has been running for several years, and it has established a solid foundation at the Rokkodai Campus as a truly interdisciplinary research project between legal studies and economics. We are confident that it will continue to bring about original research results from the Kobe University Graduate School of Law, along with the Graduate School of Economics.

More information on our research activities can be found here, including international symposiums and Econo-Legal Studies Workshops (in Japanese only).