Graduate School of Law/Faculty of Law, Kobe University


Meet Our Students


I am currently in the second year of a doctoral program in administrative law at the Kobe University Graduate School of Law.

Looking back, I cannot help but compare each day that I have spent studying here to climbing a mountain. But I do not mean to say that it has been filled with hardship. Rather, it is that no matter how arduous and challenging it can be to climb a mountain, the climb will become easier if you prepare yourself with good equipment or receive instruction from an experienced alpinist. Your chances of successfully reaching the summit also become that much greater. I believe that selecting Kobe University as my place of study was very much like being a climber who prepared good equipment and received the instruction of experienced alpinists.

I studied Japanese intensively for ten months in China before coming to Kobe University. When I first arrived, I was impressed by the livability of Kobe as a place to live, the beauty of the campus, and the richness of the academic resources here. At the same time, I felt worried a little about life in Japan and my future studies. This was quickly dispelled, however, thanks to my professors who responded to my circumstances and provided me with the systematic training.

My study began with reading introductory books and then progressed to reading textbooks and judicial precedents. Each task was more difficult than the one that preceded it but I kept moving forward, spurred on by a sense of accomplishment from the previous task. It enabled me to feel buoyant about taking on my next challenge, and I went on to learn how to write research papers, give presentations at my seminar, workshops at Kobe University. I was able to thoroughly enjoy the process of learning in this way.

My professors taught me more than just specialized knowledge. I learned practical skills, too, such as how to search for legal precedents or use database solutions like the LexisNexis. In addition, I enjoyed off-campus activities with professors and other students to develop my understanding of Japanese culture. These are all precious memories of my life in Japan.

While studying at Kobe University, I came to sense the strong presence of a Kobe University “style”. What does that style consist of? To me, it is the superb research capabilities of the professors, the university’s academic influence, its global outlook, the reciprocal communication and interaction between the faculty members and students, the rich academic resources, dynamic cutting-edge research, and pursuit of the spirit of integrity, freedom and cooperation.

Please come to Kobe University to study, and experience the unique appeal of the Kobe University “style” firsthand.