Graduate School of Law/Faculty of Law, Kobe University


Meet Our Students


Why Kobe University

I’ve been stayed in Kobe University since master course. My research interests focus on the field of intellectual property law. Studying in the Graduate School of Law is the best choice for me. There are convenient facilities and libraries. Professors and Staffs are very supportive, dedicating to make every foreign student feel respected and valued.

As the top institution of legal studies in Japan, Kobe University attracts students, experts and scholars from all over the world. So besides academic research, it also provides great opportunities to build global networks.

Campus Life and the City of Kobe

The Graduate School of Law is located in the beautiful Rokko Mountain, with panoramic and charming view of Kobe and Seto Inland Sea. It’s been a pleasure to walk around the campus after classes.

Kobe was appointed as UNESCO city of Design in 2008. Numerous world-class artistic exhibitions and cultural events are held here each year. I can always feel the creative spirit living inside this city, which could be a fantastic inspiration for intellectual property research.

Message for Prospective Students

If you’re considering studying law in Japan, Kobe University is the perfect place to pursue your dream.

And make sure you’ve got a clear research plan and the ability of independent thinking.

I believe your upcoming journey in Kobe would be a very enjoyable experience.