Graduate School of Law/Faculty of Law, Kobe University


Meet Our Students


Hello! Welcome to our University. My name is Sho Akahoshi, a graduate student of Faculty of Law, Kobe University. I am majoring in International Relations, especially focusing on global governance on forced migration issue and international humanitarian assistance. Recently, I am working on institutional development of assistance to internally displaced persons, who are forced to escape from their home but still remain within their own country. I use the qualitative approach by using the interviews with some UN officials and researching in the Archives. Some of you might be wondering why I study ‘politics’ in the Faculty of ‘Law.’ This is a strange tradition of universities in Japan. Anyway, in Kobe University, we have a lot of resources to study not only law but also politics, such as plenty of books and e-journals, excellent professors, and funding supports to study. And also, Kobe is a nice place to study in a relaxed atmosphere. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Japan; for instance, you can see a brilliant night view from our University. Furthermore, there is rich nature in Kobe, near both to mountains and sea. You will discover good opportunities in Kobe University not only to improve your academic skills but also to have a great experience throughout your school life. I really look forward to meeting you all in Kobe!