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1.Various Private Scholarships

The following scholarships are available to privately financed students (excluding Foreign Government Scholarship Students). Selection for awards is based on academic record, character, and other factors. Information is posted on the notice board of the International Student Division and each faculty. Please visit Kobe University website to obtain information on scholarships.

Please note that you can only apply for one scholarship at a time.

Scholarship Eligibility Country Monthly Stipend Duration Apply in No. of Students
JASSO/Honors Scholarship U   ¥48,000 1 year Apr. 5
M, D, R ¥65,000 61
Hyogo Prefecture Private Foreign Student Scholarship U, M, D   ¥30,000 1 year Jun. 59
Sugawara Scholarship
Above U3, M, D Developing Countries ¥80,000 1 year Mar. 22
Interchange yAssociation yScholarship (applydirectly toinstitution) M Taiwan ¥154,000 Tuition and related expenses Shortest period untilcompletion Oct. 8
D ¥155,000 Tuition and related expenses
The Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Scholarship Foundation M, D   ¥100,000 Shortest period untilcompletion Apr. 1
Yamaoka Scholarship Foundation M1, D2 East Asia, Southeast Asia ¥100,000 2 years Apr. 1
JGC-S Scholarship Foundation (2) U, M, R Science, Engineering , exceptMedical   ¥250,000 /year 1 year Oct. 4
JGC-S Scholarship Foundation (3) M,D oil-producing countries of the Central Asia, Middle East and Africa ¥180,000 Shortest period untilcompletion May. 1
Rotary Yoneyama yMemorial Foundation, yInc. Scholarship U3, U4   ¥100,000 Up to 2 years Sep. 9
M, D3 ¥140,000 1 year
Iue Fundamental U, M, D   ¥50,000 2 years Apr 1
Heiwa Nakajima yFoundation U   ¥100,000 Up to 2 years Sep. 1
M, D ¥120,000 0
The Asian Foundation for Interchange U, M Asia ¥60,000 1 year Nov. 0
D ¥70,000
Ichikawa International yScholarship Foundation U, M, D Asia ¥100,000 2 years Nov. 1
Watanuki International Scholarship Foundation M, D Asia Pacific countries (e.g. Pakistan,Nepal, India, China, Taiwan, Korea) ¥150,000 1 year Sep. 1
Docomo Scholarship for International Students M1 (Information Processing related Major) East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia ¥100,000 2 years Apr. 0
Sojits Foundation for International Exchange U3, U4   ¥70,000 2 years Apr. 1
M, D ¥100,000
Kashiyama yScholarship Foundation Above U3, M, D   ¥100,000 /year   Oct. 1
AEON Scholarship U, M China, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam ¥100,000 tuition 2 years Apr. 6
Nishimura International Scholarship Foundation U, M, D (living inOsaka Pref.) Southeast and East Asia ¥120,000 Up to 2 years Nov. 5
Kawanishi Memorial Shin Maywa Education Foundation M2, D2, D3 (Economics, Business, Natural Science) Asia ¥50,000 1 year Feb. 1
Kobe Student Youth Center Rokko Scholarship U, M, D Asian Region ¥50,000 1 year Feb. 0
Asahi Glass Company Scholarship Society M1, D1, D2 Thai, Indonesia, China, Korea ¥100,000 1 or 2 years Mar. 1
Kawashima Shoji Memorial Scholarship Above U3, M, D   ¥100,000 1 year (Extensionpossible) Nov. 1
Fujii International Scholarships Foundation U Asia ¥30,000 Shortest period untilcompletion (Evaluated each year) Sep. 0
M, D ¥50,000 0
Teraura Scholarship U, M, D   ¥40,000 Shortest period untilcompletion Apr. 1
International Research Exchange Foundation for Japanese Studies D   ¥120,000 Shortest period untilcompletion Apr . 0
Sato Yo International Scholarship Foundation U Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, SriLanka, Maldives, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, The Democratic Republic Timor-Leste ¥120,000 2 years Aug.,Jan. 0
M, D ¥180,000 0
Senshu Scholarship U1, M1, D1 East and Southeast Asia ¥100,000 1 year Feb. 19
ITO Foundation for International Education Exchange(apply directly toinstitution) M   ¥180,000 Up to 2 years Nov. 0
The Iwatani Naoji Foundation Iwatani International Student Scholarship M, D (Engineering, Science, Agriculture, Medical) East and Southeast Asia ¥150,000 1 year Dec. 0
Kyoritsu International Foundation U, M, D East Asia ¥100,000 2 years Dec. 0
U ¥60,000 1 year
The Ushio Foundation (applydirectly toinstitutionI) M, D China ¥120,000 Shortest period untilcompletion Apr. 0
Sagawa Scholarship for International Students U3, M1, D2 Southeast Asia ¥100,000 2 years Mar. 1
Murata Overseas Scholarship Foundation AboveU2, M2, D2 (Economics, Law, Engineering)   ¥12,500 1 year Jun. 5
Mitsubishi Shouji Scholarship U, M, D   ¥150,000 1 year Feb. 4
Yasuda Scholarship Foundation U3   ¥100,000 Shortest period untilcompletion Jan. 0
Yasuda Scholarship Foundation (for athletes) U   ¥100,000 Shortest period untilcompletion Apr. 0
The Korean Scholarship Foundation U Korean (both North and South) residents of Japan ¥25,000 1 year Apr. 0
M ¥40,000 0
D ¥70,000 0
Ajinomoto Scholarship Foundation U, M, D Asia, South America ¥150,000 2 years May. 0
Kansai Paint Scholarship M1 India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, China ¥100,000 2 years Apr. 0
Miki Takizo Scholarship Foundationi U1 China, Korea, Hong Kong, India ¥30,000 Up to 4 years Sep. 3
M1 ¥50,000 Up to 2 years 2
Otsuka Toshimi Foundation (apply directly to institution) U, M, D Asia, Arab, Africa region ¥125,000 1 year May 3
Yamaha Motor Foundation for sports(YMFS) (apply directly to institution) U, M, D   ¥100,000 Up to 2 years Oct. 0
Yamagishi Hachiro(Fujicco) ScholarshipFund M2 China, Taiwan, Vietnam,Thaila nd ¥100,000 1 year Nov. 1
Horita Ikuei Zaidan     ¥80,000 Up to 2 years Nov. 0
Honjo International Scholarship Foundation (apply directly to institution) M, D   ¥150,000 2~5 years Nov. 1
Kobayashi International Scholarship Foundation M, D Asia ¥100,000 Shortest period untilcompletion Mar. 2
Fuji Xerox Setsutaro Kobayashi Memorial Fund Scholarship (apply directly toinstitution) D (Humanities, Sociology) Asia Pacific Countries Up to¥1,200,000 1 year Feb. 0
ITOCHU Scholarship Fund U3 Asia ¥125,000 2 years Dec. 0
Hattori Zaidan Scholarship U, M, D   ¥100,000 Up to 2 years Feb. 2
JT Asia Scholarship M, D Asia ¥150,000 Up to 2 years Dec. 2
Mizuho International Foundation M,D (Humanities, Sociology)   ¥120,000 Up to 2 years Oct. 0
Social Innovation Scholarship M, D Asia, Africa ¥80,000 1 year Jun. 1
Kato Asao International Scholarship Foundation M, D Asia ¥100,000 Up to 2 years Feb. 2
The Sumitomo Corporation Scholarship U, M, D Vietnam ¥100,000 1 year Feb. 0
Nitori International Scholarship Foundation (apply directly to institution) U, M, D   ¥80,000 Shortest period untilcompletion Nov. 3
Sawanotsuru “Akaneiro” Subsidytemporary research grants M,D,R Vietnam ¥100,000 /year 1 year Jun. 2
The Japan Securities Scholarship Foundation M,D   ¥50,000 ¥55,000 Shortest period untilcompletion Apr. 1
KDDI Foundation M,D   ¥120,000 1 year Jul. 0
Yonex Sports Foundation Under 30 years old   ¥50,000 1 year Nov. 0
Yuasa International Foundation M,D   ¥100,000 1 year Dec. 0
Toyota Tsusho Corporation International Student Scholarship U3   ¥100,000 2 year Dec. 0
Teijin Kumura Scholarship M,D   ¥100,000 Shortest period untilcompletion Sep.,Jan. 0
Fuji Seal Packaging Education and Scholarship Foundation U3 Engineeri ng   ¥100,000 /year 1 year Apr. 0
Takikawa Scholarship Foundation M1,D1   ¥30,000 ¥33,000 Shortest period untilcompletion May 1
JEES Scholarship (General) U   ¥30,000 2 year Mar. 0
JEES Scholarship (Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test) Certificate of Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test   ¥50,000 2 year Mar. 0
JEES(Japanese Language Pproficiency Test) Sufficient Japanese Ability   ¥50,000 2 year Mar. 0

U:Undergraduates M:Master’s course students D:Doctoral course students R:Research students
*Based on data from FY2012 (including the number of those who continue to receive the scholarship), the amount and availability is subject to change without notice.

Japanese Government Scholarship ("Monbukagakusho" Scholarship)

Applications for Japanese Government Scholarships can be made through Japanese embassies and consulates abroad or on the basis of a recommendation by a Japanese university.

Privately-financed students in Japan can also apply in the following way:
Notification: Notices posted in all faculties
Application time: October (Subject to change)
Qualifications: Self-financed students with excellent academic records.
(excluding students granted other scholarships, including by foreign governments.)
UnderGraduate Program: Students under 26 years old (Medical majors: under 28), who are proceeding to their last academic year.
* The government may not call for applications depending on the year.
Graduate Program: Students under 35 years old, currently on a master's or doctor's course, or those proceeding to these courses in April of the following academic year.
Scholarship Amount:
UnderGraduate Program   ¥120,000* (AY 2012)
Graduate Program Research students ¥146,000* (AY 2012)
Non-degree students
Master’s course ¥147,000* (AY 2012)
Doctoral course ¥148,000* (AY 2012)

* Subject to change. AY: academic year

Extension of Japanese Government Scholarship

If a current recipient of Japanese Government Scholarship is willing to go on to higher education, his/her status may be extended under specific conditions and through proper extension procedures.

Notification: Notices posted in all faculties
Application time: October (note: April for those who wish to go on to a more advanced degree that October.)
Qualifications: Japanese Government Scholarship students with excellent academic records who hope to study in a higher level program.

Please note that application conditions vary depending on which program applicants want to go on (research student master's/doctoral student, master's doctoral student, undergraduate master's student, medical undergraduate doctoral student).
* Selection is highly competitive, so not all applications will be successful.

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