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Meet Our Professors


Professor KADOMATSU Narufumi (Administrative Law)

My area of specialization is Administrative Law. My research covers a variety of topics such as the City Planning Act, land-use control, property rights, and civic engagement. I deliver classes on Administrative Law both to undergraduate and graduate (including Law School) students. I have teaching experience in English on topics such as the Japanese Constitution and Administrative Law at Kyushu University (my former tenured institution), LMU Munich (where I stayed for one-year as a visiting professor) and here at Kobe University as well. My English is by no means perfect, but this is the reason why I make an extensive effort to communicate with students in clear English to emphasize the important points of the class. I currently supervise five doctoral students, three of whom are exchange students from China.

Japanese law is often called a “laboratory of Comparative Law.” This is because Japan imported its legal system from Western countries as part of its modernization in the latter half of the 19th century. Japanese people have continuously compared and explored various foreign laws since then, and recent studies have covered legal systems in Asian countries, too. Therefore, studying law in Japan offers a great chance to study not only the Japanese legal system but a variety of legal systems from all over the world.

Professors of the Kobe University Faculty of Law have well-deserved reputations as top-class scholars both in legal studies and political science. With our excellent library and research resources, I believe that exchange students can have a fantastic academic life. In addition to these excellent features, the Graduate School of Law offers a variety of research and education projects. One such project with which I am involved is Econo-Legal Studies, a research and educational program aiming to find solutions to today’s social complex issues by combining both legal and economic perspectives.

The Graduate School of Law at Kobe University offers an attractive educational environment with a critical mass of excellent research and systematic educational programs. I sincerely look forward to meeting you.