Graduate School of Law/Faculty of Law, Kobe University



Kobe University Law School has been attaining one of the highest bar exam success rates in Japan. Under the current Law School system (as of 2014 January), the Japanese bar exam can be taken up to three times within five years of the completion of a Law School program. Due to the fluctuations of the success rate of the graduates of each Law School from year to year, we need to compare how well each Law School performs in its professional education by seeing the long-term exam success rate.

On the basis of the long-term bar exam record of the six years from 2006 (the first year of graduates taking a bar exam) to 2011, the Kobe University Law School ranked fifth out of all 74 Law Schools in Japan. Our record is highly above the national average with 68.0% success rate over the 6 years, as compared with a nationwide average of 43.0%.