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Meet Our Alumni

Messages from the Alumni of the Kobe University Graduate School of Law

Tomoo Furukawa

Doctoral program completed in September 2009
Currently Associate Professor, School of Economics, Osaka Prefecture University

Why Kobe Law?

As an undergraduate student at the Kobe University Faculty of Law. I belonged to a seminar on commercial law. Through undergraduate program, I found much of interest in studying laws, which change accordingly with social changes. Therefore, I decided to go on to graduate school

My research at Kobe Law

My research was on the responsibility and accountability of directors of corporate groups. In particular, I examined American legal precedents and theories to review problems that are particular to corporate groups, and considered countermeasures in Japan. The research that I carried out at the graduate school has constituted the foundation of my current research activities.

Merits of Kobe Law

Students can receive the careful and earnest supervision of professors who lead their respective areas. Students can also expand their horizons through interaction with diverse students in classes. Kobe University also possesses an abundance of useful reference materials for research, which ensures a high-level research environment.


Since October 2009, I have been teaching such subjects as the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act at the Osaka Prefecture University School of Economics.