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Meet Our Alumni

Messages from the Alumni of the Kobe University Graduate School of Law

Erina Ueno

Completed the master’s degree program in March 2012
Official for the Hyogo Prefectural Government

Why Kobe Law?

As an undergraduate student, I studied law in the Faculty of Law, and I wanted to go on to graduate school so that I could develop my understanding of society through administrative and political perspectives. I also wanted to understand society on my own by learning research methods in graduate school.

My research at Kobe Law

I did research on Japan’s agricultural policies. I was interested in the relationship between Japan and other countries in international trade, and I carried out analyses of Japan’s political process of international negotiation on agricultural products. In particular, I formulated a hypothesis that domestic systems have an impact on the differences in the tariff cuts of agricultural products, and I showed empirical evidence of the relationship between them.

Merits of Kobe Law

The Kobe University Graduate School of Law have many distinguished professors, who lead academic societies. Therefore, it is possible to receive high-quality supervision.
Students can receive the advice and instruction of not only the professors of governance but also professors in the fields of political science and international relations. This enables a student to develop awareness of taking diversified viewpoints. Furthermore, an environment at the Graduate School of Law enables mutual stimulation through daily debates with other graduate students who have high aspirations.


I am working for the Hyogo Prefectural Government. My first assignment has been to the section for international exchange. I am involved in the provision of language assistance to the children of foreign residents—in their mother tongue in addition to Japanese—as well as in the distribution of information on public services to foreign residents.