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Meet Our Alumni

Messages from the Alumni of the Kobe University Graduate School of Law

Keiji Hayashida

Completed the master’s degree program in March 2010
Official for the Kobe City Government

I completed my master’s degree program in political science in March 2010. I gained employment with the Kobe City Government and am currently working as a caseworker in the welfare section.
The theme of research for my master’s thesis was the relationship between Diet lawmakers and local assembly members. I built a hypothesis that the electoral linkage between the two became weaker than in the past, and I confirmed this hypothesis by analyzing data on national and local elections.
While enrolled in the graduate school, I had a great opportunity for further specialized study of the theory of political process under the careful supervision of my professors. I now value even the experience of struggling to figure out how I could best present my opinions persuasively—I believe that what I learned will continue to be useful for me into the future.