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Meet Our Alumni

Messages from the Alumni of the Kobe University Graduate School of Law

Masaya Inoue

Completed the doctoral degree program in March 2009
Currently Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Kagawa University

Why Kobe Law?

I was an undergraduate student of the Kobe University Faculty of Law. I chose the Graduate school at Kobe University because (1) it is one of the best universities in Japan in terms of both the professors and the political science curriculum, and (2) it was a highly stimulating environment, with many graduate students present in my area.

My research at Kobe Law

My area of specialization was the political and diplomatic history of Japan. The theme of my research was Japan’s policy toward China, particularly the political process leading to the normalization of Japan-China diplomatic relations in 1972. In order to complete my doctoral thesis, I collected diplomatic documents not only in Japan but also in the U.S. and Taiwan, and I interviewed persons involved. Thanks to the well-organized supervision from the professors of political and diplomatic history as well as the professors of political science and international relations, I was able to achieve research that had both breadth and depth.

Merits of Kobe Law

The greatest appeal of the Kobe University Graduate School of Law is that students can benefit from both the high standard of supervision provided by Japan’s leading professors of law and political science, and the peaceful learning environment. The higher you aim, the more the Kobe University Graduate School of Law can offer you.


After working as an assistant professor at the Kobe University Graduate School of Law, I have been teaching, since April 2010, Japanese diplomatic history and international relations at the Kagawa University Faculty of Law.