Graduate School of Law/Faculty of Law, Kobe University



History of Kobe University Law

1902 Kobe Higher Commercial School established.
1903 Named Tetsuya MIZUSHIMA as first president.
Classes began.
1906 Journal of Political Economy and Commercial Science first published.
1923 The Imperial Diet admitted the promotion of the school (gakko) to university (daigaku).
1929 Kobe University of Commerce established.
1933 Social Science Library constructed at new campus (Named Rokkodai Campus) .
1934 Kanematsu Memorial Building constructed at Rokkodai campus.
1935 Rokkodai Auditorium constructed.
1938 Current Law Code Translation Series launched.
1944 The school renamed to Kobe University of Economics.
1949 Kobe University established with six faculties including Faculty of Law.
Students first enrolled.
1951 Kobe Law Journal first published.
1953 Graduate School of Law established (Private Law Major /Public Law Major).
1954 Rokkodai Ronshu first published.
1961 Kobe University Law Review first published.
1965 Main Building of the Faculty of Law (Dai 2 Gakusha) constructed.
1985 Kobe Annals of Law and Politics first published.
1992 Legal Policy Major added in the Graduate School of Law.
2000 Prioritization and Strengthening of Graduate School education.
2003 CDAMS (Centre for the Legal Dynamics of Advanced Market Societies) established as a centre of 21the Century COE Program under the auspices of MEXT (till 2008).
2004 Law School established.
2005 Social Science Library enlarged.
2006 First students graduated from Law School.
2012 “La Cour” (Courthouse for Clinical Training) constructed.