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Jeff Leong, Poon & Wong

Jeff Leong, Poon & Wong (“JLPW”), which was founded through a partnership of several individuals sharing a common vision and background from a leading law firm Southeast Asia, is an internationally-affiliated law firm with extensive transactional experience involving strategic investments, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, takeovers and takeover defense, corporate governance, banking finance, and capital markets. The firm currently consists of a team of about 50 lawyers (1 consultant, 10 partners, and 39 associates) who advise on complex business transactions and dispute resolution for foreign investors; multinational companies; foreign law firms; SMEs and industrial conglomerates; public listed companies; government-linked companies; commercial, investment, and Islamic banks; stockbroking companies; and insurance and reinsurance companies.

JLPW’s lawyers also practice in several specialized areas, including securities and financial services law, banking and finance, Islamic finance, structured and asset financing, funds and asset management, corporate and commercial, structured products and derivatives, admiralty and shipping, litigation and commercial arbitration, and real estate and property.

JLPW advises on and secures its clients’ relational, strategic, business and financial interests through a combination of legal expertise, transactional experience, structuring skills, and industry knowledge. In cross-cultural deals, JLPW’s English, Chinese, Malay and Japanese language capabilities facilitate clear and open communication.

The firm has been actively involved with the visiting internship program with Kobe University since 2009 and, to date, about 90 students from the University have successfully completed their visiting internships at JLPW. For more information on JLPW, its lawyers, and the internship program, please refer to their website www.jlpw.com.my or http://www.law.kobe-u.ac.jp/GMAP/images/internships/JLPW.pdf.


A Perspective on the Visiting Internship at JLPW

As I am considering a prospective career in the legal industry, I decided to take part in the internship in Malaysia. I wanted to learn about the types of (legal) problems which arise when Japanese companies expand to Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia; I also wanted to know about the people, culture and legal system of Malaysia, and to utilize that knowledge as problem solving skills.

Specifically I had learnt about property matters including leasing, purchasing and selling properties with a special focus of such matters between foreigners and Malaysians, as these matters normally occur when Japanese companies expand overseas. Moreover I also studied about Islamic finance, which is one of the distinctive areas of law in Malaysia.

All of the staff at JLPW was so kind as to spare their precious time to anyone who wanted to learn; they explained the case records and the legal system, and let us attend meetings with clients.

I felt that the most valuable thing that I could learn was not only about Malaysia’s legal system and business practice but also that of the Japanese, by making a comparison.

This experience made me think about working in similar countries in the future.

(Kana Hirano, J.D. 2014)